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Cuzy Memory Gel

Height:-10 inches

Type:- Tight Top/ Washable Quilt

Firmness:-Medium Firm/ Firm

 The Cuzy Box Mattress is a revolutionary mattress, composed of advanced materials and technologies that lead to a premium sleep experience. The concept behind the Cuzy mattress is simple: to bring customers a long-lasting, comfortable mattress that promotes a good night’s sleep. As a gel memory foam mattress in a box for adjustable bed frames, the product has a number of key features that ensures it offers superb performance and value:

  • A generous 1″ layer of memory gel on the top of the mattress results in a surface that molds to the sleeper’s contours, all while providing a high level of support. This Queen gel memory foam mattress is, therefore, a great choice for people who require flexible support no matter what position they adopt.
  • Organic materials. High resilience foam is sandwiched between the gel and a layer of high-density bio foam. These top-quality materials are also economical, resulting in an affordable organic mattress.
  • The Cuzy soft organic mattress benefits from exceptional build quality and longevity. Each Queen size gel memory foam mattress comes with a generous 15-year guarantee. In many cases, this Queen gel memory foam mattress will last far longer, providing decades of use.
  • The gel memory foam mattress for adjustable bed frames is manufactured in Canada — meaning you’re guaranteed a high-calibre purchase.
  • Hygiene is always important when it comes to beds, which is why the quilted outer layer of this gel-infused memory foam Queen mattress has been designed for easy removal and laundering.

If you’re looking for a complete sleep solution that offers a high level of comfort, support and value, our queen size gel memory foam mattress set is well worth a second glance! Made from premium materials and incorporating an innovative design that results in a firm yet flexible surface that is suitable for people of all shapes and sizes, this bed set offers exceptional value-for-money. When you purchase this gel memory foam mattress in a box, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • The bed set comes complete with both a mattress and a box spring base: there’s no need to buy an additional frame, headboard or bed base
  • The mattress comprises a number of layers of foam: a thick layer of memory gel on the top results in a surface that accommodates differing weights and changing positions with ease
  • Supportive without being rigid, the lower layers of high resilience foam and high-density bio foam add further comfort to the mattress
  • A quilted cover on the mattress (which is fast and simple to remove and wash) means it’s possible to ensure high levels of hygiene
  • The spring box and mattress are designed to complement each other, both in appearance and function: when you purchase the gel memory foam mattress in a box you can be certain of a good fit and coordinated look, which provides an attractive accent in any bedroom
  • A mattress in a box offers a more lightweight option when compared to a standard bed. If you’ll need to move the bed upstairs or intend to shift it occasionally, a box set mattress makes the process far more manageable, all without compromising on comfort or performance
  • There’s no need to trail around showrooms or make complex delivery arrangements: our beds can be ordered online and will be delivered to your doorstep at no additional charge
  • The mattress is easy to set up when needed and very secure once set in its final position

Fabric and Material

The materials for this box set are a combination of traditional favourites and modern, innovative fabrics and mattress fillers — which have been specifically developed to provide a comfortable sleeping experience:

  • Gel memory foam not only contours accurately to any sleeper — it’s also designed to provide a comfortable sleeping temperature in both hotter and cooler bedrooms
    The gel on the top sinks to the body, as well as provides push-back support for each and every inch of the body during sleep
  • High-density bio foam is made from plant-based, sustainable materials, creating an organic option that’s ultra-comfortable and also great for the planet!
  • High resilience foam forms the middle layer of the mattress: this has a faster rebound effect in comparison with the top layer, providing some additional “bounce” to the mattress and preventing sleepers from sinking too deeply into the mattress

All the materials used in the construction of the box set have been carefully chosen to give customers a bed that’s not only attractive, but that is also a joy to sleep on and easy to maintain over time.

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