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Cool Breeze Gel Memory

Height:-10 inches

Type:- Tight Top

Firmness:-Super Soft 


Multi layer Comfort – This rolled mattress features 3 layers of cushioned support for deeper sleep, including top quilted softness, 2 comfort layers, gel, and bio foam.

Pressure Points – The multi-layered design helps reduce tossing and turning by better supporting the natural alignment of your neck, hips, back, and legs.

Softer, Supportive-Breathable fabric – The quilted top offers luxurious comfort while the high-density bio gel foam layers regulate temperatures and airflow for relaxing comfort.

Long-Term Density Strength – Unlike mattress coils that lose tension or standard foam cores that don’t provide the right support, bio foam provides lasting support.

Almost no-motion transfer – Improved balance and memory foam thickness keeps the bed from shaking or moving if your partner has restless legs or gets up at night.

Easy to use – This mattress in a box, is super easy to commute and use.