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Velvet Tufted Handmade ChesterField Sofa Set (3 Seater + 2 Seater + 1 Seater)


Whole set comes in 6 boxes. 2 boxes for each sofa. Needs to be assembled at home. 

Sofa dimensions (Inches)

3 Seater dimensions: 102 Length x  36 Wide x 32 Height   

2 Seater dimensions: 68 Length x 36 Wide x 32 Height  

1 Seater dimensions: 44 Length x  36 Wide x 32 Height  

Boxes dimensions are below 

Weight in LBS  / Dimensions in Inches 

Shipping Weight Box 1 Carton Height Box 1 Carton Width Box 1 Carton Depth Box 1
52.6 37.5 21.4 25.9


Shipping Weight Box 2 Carton Height Box 2 Carton Width Box 2 Carton Depth Box 2
95 70.6 29.3 25.9


Shipping Weight Box 3 Carton Height Box 3 Carton Width Box 3 Carton Depth Box 3
52.6 37.5 21.4 25.9


Shipping Weight Box 4 Carton Height Box 4 Carton Width Box 4 Carton Depth Box 4
66.5 47 29.3 25.9


Shipping Weight Box 5 Carton Height Box 5 Carton Width Box 5 Carton Depth Box 5
52 37.5 21.4 25.9


Shipping Weight Box 6 Carton Height Box 6 Carton Width Box 6 Carton Depth Box 6
38.2 23.6 29.33 25.9


This product is mainly assembled sofa, which can be split and placed in the bedroom and living room. Tapered hardware is very easy to assemble and disassemble. The thick cushions are soft and moderate, allowing you to enjoy elegant comfort. The button design on the backrest conveys a unique style. Semi-circular armrests and walnut legs provide rugged durability and reliability. The tufted buckle is fixed on the solid wood frame through the fabric and is concave on the surface so it is not easy to fall off.

1. The combination of fabric and sponge is processed by the sewing process, which is more compact, three-dimensional and more comfortable to sit.
2. The seat has a striking pull buckle and is wrapped in a custom blue velvet.
3. Cone metal connection, strong, small gap, like a whole.


The most important things that should be kept in mind while ordering a sofa are the comfort , support and the body posture it helps you to maintain.

Here are some of the features you will be getting while getting this sofa.

Dried solid rubber wood frame

High density foam


High quality  springs


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