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Vanessa 2 Sided Hybrid

Height:- 12 inches

Type:-Double Sided Pillowtop

Firmness:-Medium firm

Warranty:-10 years


12 inches 2 sided pillowtop mattress can be easily flipped to use other side. 1460 pocket coils hybrid mattress with cooling gel on both sides. Lumber support edge guards, for stability and quality.


Beautiful breathable soft touch feel designed to intensify both air flow and moisture helping to promote balanced temperature at the sleep surface. Gel infused memory foam not only provides significantly more body support, but it also creates an ideal temperature regulated sleep surface. Breathable consumption means optimal airflow. Zone pocket coil system is designed according to the human body shape to match different support needs in certain areas: head, neck shoulders, hip, back and legs. With the Zone Pocket Coil System ideal spinal alignment is achieved.






Best in the Business.

Provides flexibility and additional reinforcement within the core ensuring appropriate posture support while preventing the mattress from sagging. 360° edge support foam encasement provides greater stability, a comfortable firm sitting edge, and reduces motion transfer across the sleep surface while the pocket coils give a substantial support to your body. Visco memory foam gently conforms to your every movement enabling optimal blood circulation while ensuring the appropriate structural support for your body.

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