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December 09, 2020

Best Mattress in Vaughan.

Sables mattresses are the best mattresses in Vaughan, they make best quality mattresses. Our mattresses are Canadian made, with Canadian materials and by the effort of Canadian workers. Our best equipment makes our mattresses the best product in the town.


Best Collection

Here are some of the collections we at sables keep.

1. Best Orthopedic mattresses in town.

Sables best orthopedic mattresses are the best orthopedic mattresses in town. Our orthopedic mattresses are made up of pocket coils, gel and latex.

2.Hybrid gel mattresses.

Best hybrid gel mattresses are the sables hybrid gel mattresses. Sables hybrid mattresses are made up of gel, Nano coils, pocket coils and latex


3.Best Spring coil mattresses.

Sables spring coil mattresses are the best spring coil mattresses.  Our spring coils are the best mattresses. Our mattress comprises of the best spring coils, foam and high density foam.