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Every truck has different space for drivers. That is why the prices will depend upon the dimension and weight. Canadian made sables truck mattress is special because no other mattress company provide this for trucks.

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Truck Mattress Ontario, Canada

If you are looking for a reputed truck mattress company in Ontario, Canada, then look no further because we are the ones that will meet your needs in the most efficient manner!

Our semi-truck mattress comes with the finest quality of high graded, multi layered synthetic foam including natural and memory foams that makes it comfy for the rest you need. In addition, our best made truck mattress come with vinyl exterior toppers that are easy to clean and last long because of their durability. If you want a big rig truck mattress that is elevated, then our truck mattresses can also be elevated with additional truck mattress toppers for the additional thickness that will give you a firm elevation. We provide a number of hypoallergenic foams for truck mattress alongside with memory foam options that will reduce motion transfer as well as give you a luxury comfort for the rest and sleep you need.

Our truck mattresses have sleep cell technology infused to give maximum cooling support and allow the heat to escape. We have different sizes for our truck mattresses that you can easily choose to fit best with the size of your truck. Whether you need thin or thick mattresses, we also provide you with replacement options that you can opt for by taking measurements for your existing mattress. Our easy to book and commute truck mattress will be ready for you in just a couple of weeks, all according to your requirements. Give us a call or visit our store to book your truck mattress and we guarantee that you will find us the as the best truck mattress company in Ontario, Canada.

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