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Multi layer Comfort – This rolled mattress features 3 layers of cushioned support for deeper sleep, including top quilted softness, 2 comfort layers, gel, and bio foam.

Pressure Points – The multi-layered design helps reduce tossing and turning by better supporting the natural alignment of your neck, hips, back, and legs.

Softer, Supportive-Breathable fabric – The quilted top offers luxurious comfort while the high-density bio gel foam layers regulate temperatures and airflow for relaxing comfort.

Long-Term Density Strength – Unlike mattress coils that lose tension or standard foam cores that don’t provide the right support, bio foam provides lasting support.

Almost no-motion transfer – Improved balance and memory foam thickness keeps the bed from shaking or moving if your partner has restless legs or gets up at night.

Easy to use – This mattress in a box,is super easy to commute and use.

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Gel Mattress -Bed In A Box Ontario, Canada

Our company is the leading providers of gel mattress – bed in a box in Ontario, Canada that will provide gel mattress of the finest quality at the most affordable rates.

Our multi-layer gel mattress is designed with 2 comfort layers that provide additional support for the natural alignment of your body. We have infused cool state gel memory foam that will keep you cool and dry. The 9-zone memory foam gives the perfect support to your body and ensures that your pressure points are relieved for a sound sleep. The gel fused bio foam ensures durability for the mattress that would make it last longer. Our gel mattress topper is made with 100% synthetic foam, soft and comfortable, that gives the best feel as well protects the mattress.

We also provide our gel mattresses in a bag so that you easily carry them to your home, and they will be easy to commute too. The gel mattress cover for our mattresses is made with antimicrobial material that makes it resistive of any bacterial growth. We guarantee durability for our gel mattresses because of the support layers that we have infused with the mattress, which provide additional support and a long-lasting foundation. The additional support layer provides zero motion transfer, which is infused to isolate motions so that you can enjoy undisturbed sleep.

In addition to our gel foam mattress, we provide cool gel pads, gel foam toppers and memory foams at affordable rates. You can also refer to us, if you need gel topper, bed in a box, etc. Just give us a call or visit us to be tailored with the best-made gel mattress in Ontario, King City, Woodbridge, Barrie, Bradford, Innisfil, Mississauga, Canada.

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Mississauga, King City, Woodbridge, GTA, Barrie, Bradford, Innisfil, Canada.


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