Privacy Policy


Sables Mattresses policy is meant for administering and clarifying to all employees and staff members in term of its objective, operations and plans with performance while laying the foundation for employees and staff members in term of conduct and expected performance in order to achieve said objectives. All employees need to abide by the strict rules regulations to maintain the decor and friendly working environment also. Sables Mattresses draws special attention and expect our employees to treat confidential information. We want to make sure that this information is well-protected. Security policy of Sables Mattresses not only states the security need but to handle the data of customer with integrity and loyalty.@SABLESMATTRESSES


Can you Cancel your order and use a different card?

No, the payment method cannot be changed on an order once the order has been placed.

If a change in payment is required, please reach out to us at and our customer service team  will be more than happy to assist you in canceling the original order. Please note that a change in payment method requires a new order to be placed, and therefore may delay your order shipment.

Sables mattress feel the deep pride in paying taxes at their best compliant to Tax guidelines. It comprehends to file taxes it as its prime responsibility that owes back to Canadian Government.

-Sables Mattresses follow Data Security Standards to accept, process, store or transmit credit card information to maintain a secure environment.

– Excellent Warranty Claim process with no hidden hitch backs. Broken or irregular busted coils in certain areas come under the heading of Warranty Claim process. The sagging depth for most mattress warranties is one inch (1″) that is prescribed threshold for the mattress warranty claim process. Few factors that contribute the mattress warranty being voided.

– Warranties assume the buyer will utilize a box spring and/or bed frame that provides adequate support for the mattress.

– Many liquids can corrode mattress foam, causing the product to break down and lose its structural integrity.

– Most mattress warranties will be voided if the mattress changes hands.

We will replace with the defected mattress in three to five business days.