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We Simply offer Best Mattress shopping Experience,Online Store & Customer Care. Made in Canada.

How it all began – our dream of serving Canadians with utmost care and perfection.


Although bed itself resonates with the feeling of utmost comfort, but if it is not made well, you get to bear restlessness or even pain in extreme situations. Hence, with an aim to provide you peaceful sleep every night, Sables Mattresses took the responsibility upon itself and started to produce and design high quality mattresses in Canada. We further evolved and categorized our mattresses into many different types, just to cater the needs of every type of customer.

Growing from nowhere to one of the most reputed Canadian brands.


With our commitment to excellence, today we have emerged as one of the most trusted mattress company in Canada that will always remain adamant to incorporate modern features into our mattresses and also setting new standards when it comes to designing a fancy mattress with superlative material and state of the art manufacturing process.

The Future of Sables Mattresses – nothing can stop us


We first conduct a thorough research on sleep surface preferences which later contributes a lot in picking up the most appropriate material from textile producers for your favorite industry leading Canadian foam. Our mattresses are made with passion, dedication and hard work of Canadian people, who possess unmatched skill set and experience to make your bed feel like paradise.
As a company, we only believe in delivering perfection to our customers and this is the reason why we also make a promise that with our high quality mattress, you will get to sleep exactly the way you have always wished for.
Moreover, we follow strict tracking of quality till the delivery of our mattress to your doorstep. So, by choosing us, you will also experience a streamlined and efficient delivery process across coasts of Canada.